Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AppMonster Pro 2.6.0 - Update

The main change is the setting for "what happens if I uninstall an app?"
Now you can define four different things should happen:

  • Uninstall only - an app will be uninstalled only, all backups will be preserved
  • Ask me - you can choose on uninstall each time what AppMonster should do
  • Delete backups, keep link - clears all backup (.apk) files, but leave market links there
  • Delete all - clears all backups of an App

AppMonster for Android. Settings, uninstall an App

Second thing I've done, is some improvement for Android Tablets. The empty space on large screens will be used more effective now.

AppMonster on Android Tablet. Installed apps, app2sd, backup, uninstall

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