Friday, December 7, 2012

Home replacement with applocker inside

Well, we are online now. 

distant Control is a via browser accessible home-app with integrated applocker for people, which want to define what apps are executable on their smartphones and tablets.

distant control needs no root. System apps can be blocked as well. Blocked apps are hidden and not visible by users.
Android-smarthones and tablets are growing in popularity for business increasingly. But behind that there are many issues because of employees which using not only apps you have defined. You don’t want them using Facebook, Twitter or games?
This issue can be fixed by using distant Control. You can define apps which should be used by your employees using a browser-based console.
The requirement to configure each smarthone or tablet seperate is the disadvantage of marketable app-locker. distant Control goes one step further: configure all your devices with help of a browser!
You can try out distant Control as a local demo or you can use all features online for 14 days with up to 5 devices without any costs.

- Home-Replacement
- Permit/Forbid execution of apps
- Central maintenance of your devices and apps
- Inventory of your devices and apps
- Create profiles to configure your devices easily

distant Control - home-app with applocker inside on Google Play

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